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 John, Pat, Susan, and Carol Dietz have been successfully teaching music in the South Bay for over thirty years.

Mention their names to a friend or neighbor and bet that someone in the family or a friend of theirs has studied with one of the Dietzs’.

They all still enjoy teaching at the shop and they have also trained and added 15 other people to their staff, with instructors for almost every instrument.  You want to play drums, piano, or steel drums? Talk to Rich.  Slide guitar?  Pat can help you out.  Gotta play Over the Rainbow like IZ on uke?  Call Carrie or Joe.

Don’t wait to get started - it’s always easiest to learn it right the first time!

And, remember, the first lesson is Free.  Yep, Free!  After that it's:

$140 = Four 30 min. lessons

  $210 = Four 45 min. lessons

$280 = Four 1 hour lessons

Carrie's Group Uke Class = $20 per class (Tues Night 8:15-9:15)

Erik's Guitar Workshop = $20 per class (Wed Night 7:30-8:30)

Josh and Erik's Rock Band Classes = $140 per four classes (call Josh for times)




John Dietz - Woodwinds   


John started playing guitar at the age of ten.  Once a week, he would walk to his lesson with guitar in hand and then run home and teach brother Pat everything he’d learned. By the time they reached high school, their band was playing for school dances, proms, park dances, and private parties.  They were lucky enough to hone their craft before the advent of DJs.

After high school, John left Manhattan Beach for the University of Oregon to study flute with Richard Trombley. He also beefed up his resume at this time by playing 2-3 nights a week at any coffee house, jazz club, or biker bar that would either pay or feed him.

Upon returning to Manhattan Beach, John continued his flute studies with studio flautist Art Hoberman and on his recommendation spent time in France taking classes with Munich Symphony flautist Andras Adorjan and the renowned French flautist Jean Pierre Rampal.  He studied saxophone and clarinet in L.A. with studio musician and Mike Douglas Show alumnus Vince Trombetta.

John now enjoys a full roster of students at his shop as well as performing 60-80 gigs a year on flute, sax, and steel drums.


Pat Dietz - Guitar, Mandolin 


Pat Dietz was born and raised in the South Bay and has been making music here all of his life.  At the age of nine, he began taking guitar lessons with Mrs. Bartos in Manhattan Beach, and went on to study with Brian Hartzler and Dorothy de Goede.  He has studied classical guitar with many great players, including Michael Lorimer, John Jarvie and Leo Brouwer.  He has also studied pedal steel guitar with Steve Koski, and mandolin with John Zehnder.

Over the years, Pat has played at more than six thousand private parties and corporate events.

Pat has taught guitar and mandolin lessons locally for 34 years.  In 1988, he started Dietz Brothers Music in Manhattan Beach with his brother, John.  They are now instrument dealers for Fender and Martin guitars, as well as many other instruments, books, and accessories.


Susan Dietz - Piano


Susan Dietz began her musical career in a back-road Oregon Grange Hall at the age of five. She played "Balloons" on the piano and sang April Showers accompanied by her big brother.  The wild clapping when she finished was not for her, but from relief that the recital was finally over.Thus began her life-long love of performing.

The next year her family went to see The Sound of Music and her fantasy of becoming a singer like Julie Andrews grew to worrisome size. (Knowing this has helped her husband John understand her ups and downs - when she breaks into song while asking him to take out the trash, he kindly lets her do so.)

She studied piano and voice for the next twenty years and eventually became good enough to fool quite a few people.  She studied the Robert Pace piano method and became an accredited Pace teacher herself at 18; she then studied at both the local community college and the University of Oregon; singing, acting and writing music for local theatre and even touring in a company with a grant from the Oregon Endowment for the Arts.

While in school she met her husband John and his brother Pat.  She and John did get married much to her parent’s relief and taught music lessons to earn money to study in Europe.  They studied at L’Academie d’Ete in Nice, France.  Susan studied with Mady Mesple of the Paris Opera and Jean Gireudeau of the Paris Opera Comique.

After they returned she continued teaching piano and voice and singing as the resident soloist at Wayfarer’s Chapel in Palos Verdes.  Her thirty years at the beautiful glass church could be seen as an inspiration, however it is certain that she frightened as many people as she inspired.  The congregation would look warily at the windows each time she hit a high C.

Her time with Los Angeles Master Choral, Orange County Opera Pacific, Long Beach Opera and others has convinced her that doing what others ask can take the joy out of music, so, she quit them all and happily freelances.  She can now choose more of her own repertoire as she continues to blithely go through her day teaching and performing and occasionally bursting into song for no good reason.

She would like to thank her husband and three sons for their understanding over the years.  So, here goes - Thanks guys.


Carol Dietz - Violin, Viola, Harp


Carol Dietz started playing the violin after a few years of piano lessons when she was ten years old.

There was a violin class offered at her school that met twice a week, which ultimately led to the beginning of her love for the violin, for playing in a group, and for her teacher Mrs. Brian.  Mrs. Brian was tall, fashionable, and had a beautiful position and technique on the violin.  Carol wanted to be just like her!

Ever since then Carol has loved the sound of the violin, whether played by an expert or beginner.  Thus she indulges herself in that sound twice a week at Dietz Brothers Music in private lessons and small group classes.

There is nothing that gives her more thrill than the sound of tuning violins, so come and try a class or lesson with her and learn to love the squeaks and the glorious sounds of the violin.


Josh Brown (Robin's man) - Guitar (Electric, Classical)

 Josh has been playing guitar for over 20 years.  He was originally instructed by Tom Ayers, a polyester-clad pusher of the San Franciso rock style.  Early practice involved under the leg shredding, behind the back riffage and enamel distorting sonic armageddon.  In time, Josh was found in the basements and alleys of Santa Cruz and Oakland, dealing electric insanity to wild eyed seekers and sages of the cult of noise.  Eventually, the first wave of ear shattering bliss gave way to the dulcet sounds of J.S. Bach and Mississippi John Hurt.  The Seeking continued but in calmer waters, under warmer skies.  The guitar strings became more supple and Josh found love, Los Angeles and Dietz Brothers Music.

Josh has been a Dietz Brothers instructor for 8 years.  He plays lead guitar in the The Goldsoundz and describes his teaching as "useful guitar."  Whether your goal is strumming and singing down by the beach or hurling face melting thunderbolts from the stage, Josh will get you to your goal without detour or confusion.  Riding on the currents of sound, guitar lessons with Josh can lead to unexpected wisdom and profound insight.  

Josh is engaged in the entire life cycle of the guitar.  A demanding player, he has sent more than one guitar to the other side.  An experienced luthier, he brought untold numbers back.  

Carrie Dietz Brown-Guitar, Uke, Banjo


When Carrie isn’t painting or drawing, she is teaching guitar, ukulele, and banjo at Dietz Bros. She has studied guitar with Pat Dietz since she was ten and for the last seven years has fooled around with learning the mandolin, ukulele and banjo. She loves teaching all types of music, from punk rock to classical. She also enjoys teaching techniques such as songwriting, soloing, and playing in a group. In 2012, Carrie started a ukulele class on Tuesday nights at the shop and it has really turned into a happening scene. Also in 2012, Carrie earned a B.A. in Drawing and Painting from CSULB. She and her sister Robin have played in the rockin’ original band Foot Foot since 2003.


Richard Schwagerl - Piano, Steel Drums, Drums

Richard Schwagerl will help you to explore the three elements of music: melody, harmony, and rhythm. He will have you delve into playing by ear, improvisation, arrangement, and leading a band, all while practicing reading, writing, theory and good technique. Rich also leads group classes, such as School Of Rock, Jazz and Blues (all instruments and vocals welcome).

Richard earned a scholarship degree from USC, toured with Lou Rawls, and composed for MTV and The Travel Channel. He patented the Drum-A-Long System, which is sold nationally, and wrote Simple Principles of Learning. He also performs regularly as the bandleader of Island Voyage. “Proud and honored to be working with the Dietz Brothers since 1981.” – RS


Devitt Feeley - Guitar, Bass, Mandolin


Devitt has been singing and playing string instruments most of his life. He started early playing string bass in the public school systems of Chicago. Along the way he taught himself guitar, electric guitar, mandolin and violin. After high school he attended the Berklee College of Music studying String Bass performance and winning contests and awards throughout these early years. He performs in innumerable genres including rock, jazz, blues, classical, country and show tunes, but his love is bluegrass. He has won the Topanga Canyon Folk Festival Competition several times. Each win highlights his talent and diversity. He won for guitar performance, mandolin performance, best back-up musician, and most recently for best band (Rockyneck Bluegrass Band) in 2009.

His television appearances have been on The Next Great American Band as mandolinist and back-up vocals for Cliff Wagner and the Old #7, on Justified with the Rockyneck Blugrass Band and on My Fair Wedding also with the Rockyneck Bluegrass Band. He has opened for Leo Kottke, IIIrd Time Out and has shared the stage with John McEuen from the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. He has worked at Dietz Bros Music for twenty years teaching and repairing instruments.



Conor Griffin - Guitar


Conor was raised right here in Manhattan Beach and began learning to play guitar at age 12. Since then he’s tried his hand at everything from drums and ukelele to bass but the guitar still remains his primary passion. He’s been rockin’ the halls of Dietz Brothers for about a year now and is excited to help you learn to play. When he’s not teaching or attending classes, Conor can be found writing songs for his band Another Side, Another Story.






Mark Miranda-Drums, Piano, Cello, and Violin

Marc Miranda is a cellist, pianist, drummer, violinist, viola player, and composer residing in the LA area.  He studied classical music from California State University Northridge with an emphasis in cello performance under the direction of Dr. Diane Roscetti. Marc has years of experience playing for orchestras and chamber groups. Marc also performs and records for a variety of different types of music such as EDM, contemporary, soundtracks, folk, rap, and rock groups. As an instructor, Marc focuses on the traditional aspects of music such as technique, theory, and reading, but also incorporates improvisation and song writing


 Dillon P - Guitar, Uke

  Dillon enjoys long walks on the beach and watching the sun set... but anywho. 
He's been playing the radio since he was 5. When he was 12, he picked up a guitar and has been playing non-stop ever since. His main styles of playing are Rock, Blues and Metal though he's influenced by a lot of other music as well. Dillon was raised on southern rock but was soon introduced to Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop, Psychedelic and everything in between. He played in the jazz band in college where he studied music theory. Originally from Maryland, Dillon's bands focused on writing original music and jamming at local clubs and private parties. He plays both acoustic and electric guitar and loves them both equally. Currently, he's writing instrumental music and singer/songwriter based material. He also teaches ukulele and plays bass and drums as well as dabbles on the piano. Dillon enjoys giving back to the music community. Seeing the light bulb flick on when teaching music is a great feeling. You can reach Dillon in the store if you have any questions about lessons or guitars in general. 























 SEAN WEATHERY- Guitar, Sax, Drums


Sean started his musical adventure when he was in third grade and first picked up the saxophone. Only years later at age 15, he found a true passion for music while learning the guitar.  He advanced on the guitar quickly and joined many South Bay bands (both cover bands and originals) that played at Suzy's and The Lighthouse. Along with being a lead guitar player, he is also a valued drummer and bass player who is known for providing a solid rhythm section.

After studying music theory in college he enjoys helping students understand the fundamentals of music. Sean loves teaching all levels of students and is always ready to help his students turn their interest into skill and understanding.He is well versed in blues, rock n roll, heavy metal, and punk and has an open mind to all genres and looks forward to helping his students find their own love of music.



Music has been Alex’s passion since he took piano lessons at the age of five. Those first lessons peaked an interest in music theory which later allowed him to excel at the many beloved instruments he currently teaches.

Along with teaching at Dietz, Alex studies music at EL Camino where he’s specializing in Classical French Horn and Jazz Bass Trombone, whilst keeping up his practice on all brass instruments, Flute, and both Upright and Electric Bass. 

Alex has performed with many award winning school marching bands and has played in a plethora of county and state honors groups, performing at both Disney Concert Hall and Carnegie Hall.

Alex currently studies under Dane Teter and renowned Hornist, Annie Bostler. He hopes to transfer to UCLA to pursue his Bachelor’s Degrees of Arts in Music Education and Horn Performance, and then a Master’s Degree of Arts in Music Composition.


Come on in a take a lesson from this talented and energetic teacher here at DB!